Unrecognized client name

If your server log shows this:

[2017-02-02T12:55:27] NOTE: accepted client connection
[2017-02-02T12:55:27] NOTE: disconnecting client "DESKTOP-5VUTJBK"
[2017-02-02T12:55:27] WARNING: unrecognised client name "DESKTOP-5VUTJBK"
[2017-02-02T12:55:27] NOTE: client "DESKTOP-5VUTJBK" has disconnected

Then you've not configured the Client name properly in the Configure Server menu, to fix it follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Synergy Server
  2. Click on Configure Server
  3. Double click on your Client computer
  4. Set Screen Name correctly/double check it for typos
  5. Click OK to close Screen Settings then again for Server Configuration
  6. Click Apply to save the changes and restart the Server.
  7. Get the client to connect

You must click Apply for this fix to work.

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    Eddie Dawson


    ive been getting the exact error messages shown but when i go to configure server on the server PC the client doesnt show up. On the client PC i get the message 

    Connecting to "server PC"

    Server refused client with name "Client PC"

    Failed to connect to server: server refused client with out name.

    What can i do? 

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    Zhang Yang

    version 1.8.8

    Mac 10.12.5 Server --> Ubuntu 17.04 Client

    Same problem, Please help!

    but Mac 10.12.5 Client --> Ubuntu 17.04 Server is OK.




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    Zhang Yang
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